It’s about making the best even better. We build the highest quality cars from the finest products with your unique tastes and needs in mind. For Karl Kustom, it’s about merging the best of two generations…the look of the Mid-year with the comfort and technology of today. We create one amazing customized Corvette.

Look of a Mid-Year

Customized CorvetteMid-years, built from 1963 to 1967, remain the most iconic and sought-after collector car. That’s why Karl Kustom Corvettes build two customized Corvettes with the look of both the 1963 Corvette Split Window (Coupe), – Corvette’s beginning of the C2 era and the unique 1967 Corvette Convertible (Roadster) the bookend to the age of the C2.

Technology of a C6

Customized Corvette EngineThe fit and finish of today’s C6 have elevated the standards among performance cars. Karl Kustom Corvette’s Team Leader and Master Craftsman, Dave Carnock takes personal pride in every customized Corvette. Starting with today’s C6 Corvette, his teams transform the new car to the nostalgia of the 60’s.

Only the skin gets left behind. Your Kustom classic is assembled on the factory-built, advanced-engineered platform of the C6, maintaining the powerful standard LS3 engine and its brilliantly designed standard features.

“The core is time-tested and perfectly engineered by GM. We’re not here to reinvent the heart of the Corvette; we’re simply laying a classic look on the exterior so you can drive with the comfort and convenience you deserve.”

Dave Carnock

Every customized Corvette is covered under GM factory warranty. All powertrain, chassis, interior, and electronic components of Karl Kustom’s Corvettes are factory C6, including all of the modern conveniences and factory options you demand.

Heart of a Corvette

Customized Corvette Steering Wheel

Considered the best of the best, the C6 delivers on a variety of fronts. The wider body is built for comfort and handling. The power under the hood delivers the horsepower world-class performance car drivers have come to expect from Corvette. Your customized Corvette compromises nothing but is certain to deliver heart-pounding excitement on the road.

Industry Leaders You can Trust

Karl Chevrolet LogoIn partnership with Karl Chevrolet, Iowa’s #1-Selling Corvette dealer, Karl Kustom Corvettes deliver unsurpassed attention to quality. Our craftsmen are skilled and provide the highest levels of professionalism to every customer.

Karl Chevrolet has earned the respect and loyalty of Chevrolet customers for over 30 years and is proud to be one of the Midwest’s largest Corvette dealerships.

Our sales and service staffs are filled with hard-working, honest individuals whose #1 priority is to provide quality service to our loyal customers.

We have the largest selection of new Chevy’s in the Midwest and sell more GM Certified Used vehicles than anyone in the Nation. Since 1978 Karl Chevrolet has established and maintained a reputation throughout the Midwest as the auto buyer’s “dealer for life.”