Car With Toilets

Car-seat-turned-into-a-toilet-seat-474x355There’s no denying that cars are an integral part of the modern world. They are the premier mode of transportation. Most people prefer to travel in their own car instead of using public transport in the form of a bus or the metro. The reason for this bias towards cars is that cars are much more comfortable than public transport. Most people consider their car to be a sort of second home for them when they’re on the road. In the privacy of his own car, a person feels free and doesn’t need to adhere to social norms like they would have to in public transport. Cars also typically have more luxurious interiors which can be seen in the leather upholstery and high quality of the interior fittings. Let’s also not forget the additional amenities that cars have such as a music player and air conditioning. Even the fact that the car needs to be driven by someone can be taken care of by hiring a driver. These factors clearly show how cars are superior, at least when considering only the comfort of travel.

Cars are ideal for long distance trips. Most public transport systems only ply along short routes, rarely crossing the boundaries of the city. Anyone wishing to go on a trip out of the city through public transport needs to research beforehand which bus to take. Very often, there isn’t even a direct bus that goes to the destination which means you’ll have to change buses en route. All of this can add up to be a big hassle. If you choose to travel by car, though, it’s a lot simpler. All you need to do is make sure that your car has enough gas and you can be on your way to your destination.

Going on a road-trip using a car is actually very common. Many people do it when there’s a place far out of town that they want to visit or they just bought a new car and want to have the experience of driving it for an extended period of time. Road trips usually require a bit of planning beforehand. You need to decide where to stop to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner; which motel to stay the night at and estimate how long the journey will take. Occasionally, you’ll also have to make stops if you or your passengers feel the urge to go to the toilet. This is actually a common problem when it comes to road trips since it can lengthen the amount of time it takes to complete your journey. An even bigger issue is that you may have to drive several miles before you come across a toilet. To circumvent this issue, you can fit your car with a toilet. By having a toilet right in the car, you’ll effectively negate the need to look for a loo when you’re driving on the road. Whenever someone feels the call of nature, they can simply use the toilet present in the car. Implementing this idea is actually quite easy. There are several inexpensive toilets available that can be retrofitted to be used in a car. You can keep the toilet in the backseat and link it to the tank which can be kept in the trunk.