Expensive Car Drivers Is A Good Billiard Player

Everyone should be familiar with billiards. Even if you don’t play the game, you probably have a general idea of how its played. It’s pretty simple, really. There’s a large table with holes in the edges and sides that are big enough to allow the billiard balls to fall through them. The colored balls are arranged on it in the form of a compact triangle and a white ball is placed a few inches away from the arrangement. This white ball is called the cue ball. It’s the only ball which the two players are allowed to hit directly with their cue stick. The rest of the balls are made to fall into one of the balls on the table by hitting them indirectly with the cue ball, in most cases. Some advanced maneuvers are also possible, where hitting the cue ball causes a chain reaction of sorts. The cue ball hits one colored ball which in turn hits another one that goes into the hole.


The game of billiards involves thought and strategy as much as it requires skill and talent. The skill factor pertains to how well a player can hit the ball. It determines whether you can hit the ball with the speed and direction that you intend. The strategy aspect comes from thinking about how each of your turns hitting the cue ball will impact the rest of the table and the game as a whole, going forward.

Given these requirements to excel in billiards, drivers of expensive sports cars are particularly well-suited to play the game well. Driving expensive cars and playing billiards actually require similar sets of skills. In other words, there’s a great deal of skill overlap between the two activities. Both require a fine mix of talent and technique to be good at. Due to this, many sports car drivers can play like a professional. Driving at high speeds requires a lot of wit and courage. It requires the driver to maintain high levels of concentration at all times and focus on what’s on the road ahead. A driver also needs to have razor sharp reflexes in order to immediately react to whatever hazardous change occurs. Likewise, billiards, too, requires a great deal of mental effort to play. Trying to figure which ball you should try and hit, how your move would affect your opponent, what should you do if there’s no clear move, etc. all require a lot of thought. This results in the fact that drivers who drive expensive cars often are natural talents in the game of billiards.

What makes a driver play so well is the fact that his skills with the wheel directly translates to better skills with the cue stick than the average player. Let me explain. Making minute adjustments and turns to the wheel when driving requires a precise and steady hand. Similar to this, managing to hit the cue ball with the perfect force also requires a steady grip and action. The superior hand-eye coordination of drivers of expensive sports cars and the hours spent maintaining a strong grip on the steering wheel make this a very easy task for them.