Customize your marketing promotion through convert kit

Nathan Barry created convert kit with the needs of bloggers and online business owners in mind. Convert kit provides solutions for people that felt unsatisfied by other email automation software such as infusion soft and mail chimp. The email service provider especially meets the needs of people who are attempting to garner audiences for their products. Furthermore, details of its creation and progress are available on its creator’s blog. The software is helpful for bloggers and the intended people. You can also use email automation for sales marketing project that you are doing. However, it also provides an inspirational story to encourage these startups. Nathan’s blog shows his journey as an aspiring product designer to the point where he quit his job to dedicate his time to creating products, to the time that he created this phenomenal product. During its creation, he conducted research by talking to different designers and bloggers which resulted in his understanding of their needs. Nathan factored in these needs in creating the product. As a result, the product is one of the best email provision services in the market.


Many bloggers and online business owners favor convertkit because of its user interface design. The user interface design provides ease of use. Most bloggers and online business persons want easy to use designs because it saves them the time spent on emails. These individuals can spend a lot of time on daily, weekly, and subscription response emails. This is the time that could be spent acquiring other resources to enrich their business. The following features will demonstrate why convertkit is easier to use compared to other email automation services.

  1. Ease of Migration

Migrating from one email automation software to another can be challenging. If a bloggers bulk of emails is large, simply downloading them and uploading them to the new software might be difficult despite space. However, convertkit provides ease of migration because its team offers assistance for the migration process for people with a certain number of emails and above. Another thing to ensure that you an organized files and emails, you can check this link for more details

  1. Easy sequence on the user interface design

The interface provides the blogger with an easy way to automate the responses for any interactions with his blog. The sequence works on a simple system of trigger and action. It provides two columns, one for the trigger and the other for the action. For instance, if in the trigger section the option is purchasing a product, then the action column generates the action that follows the user’s selection. For instance, the blogger can save the setting that if a user purchases a product then he or she is tagged. This provides an easy system for bloggers to control the email activities in their accounts.

  1. Automation for your email lists

If a user is added under a certain tag, then, any time you send emails related to the tag, the user is automatically added to the email list. For instance, if the tag designs, then anytime the blogger sends emails related to design, the user is automatically included. Hence, the blogger does not need to manually keep track of the emails associated with certain tags or funnels.